»Architectural interpretations accepted without reflection could obscure the search for signs of a true nature and a higher order.«

Louis Isadore Kahn

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Architects go one-to-one

A series of dialogues between architects from Berlin and the UK

Ding! Ding! Round Two! Ladies and gentlemen take your seats! A second series of international dialogues between Berlin-based architects and their foreign counterparts discussing all-things architecture, from practice pragmatics to the personal – and of course cultural similarity and difference – has been organized by the BDA (the Association of German Architects) in Berlin.

Last year it was the French, this year it’s the turn of the Brits. The next four months sees five UK-based architects invited by five Berlin-based contemporaries – and often friends – to talk architecture, and even pick up on conversations that they've been having before. It's a unique format that is revealing for being neither mechanical show-and-tell nor moderated show-down.

The double-acts will include: Martin Ostermann (magma architecture, Berlin) and Asif Khan (Asif Khan Ltd., London); Jens Ludloff (ludloff ludloff + Architekten, Berlin) and Charles Holland (FAT [fashion architecture taste], London); Almut Ernst (Grüntuch Ernst Architects, Berlin) and Julia Barfield (Marks Barfield Architects, London); Donatella Fioretti (Bruno Fioretti Marquez Architekten, Berlin) with Tom Emerson (6a architects, London).

But first off this coming Tuesday 19 February at 7pm at the BDA Gallery in Berlin will be Christian Huber (huber staudt architects, Berlin) and Gavin Henderson (Stanton Williams Architects, London).

The British Council is supporting the dialogue series as partners and if you can’t make it to Berlin, they will be live streaming the events at www.bcstream.de. Past events will also be available to view at www.vimeo.com/bdaberlin.

1:1 Berlin architectural dialogues
BDA Gallery
Mommsenstr. 64
10629 Berlin

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