»Tradition is a dare for innovation.«

Alvaro Siza

31 Jul 2014

Magazine No. 24
Hans Hollein

  • Manifesto

    Everything is Architecture

    Excerpts from Hans Hollein’s 1968 Manifesto

  • Essay


    Wilfried Kuehn and Marlies Wirth on Hollein's Legacy

  • Focus

    Shape Shifter

    Hollein’s Design Objects

  • Essay

    A Piece of Cake

    Hans Hollein’s Museum for Modern Art in Frankfurt am Main


07 Jul 2014

Magazine No. 23
Mexico City

  • Essay

    Mexico City Buzz Blues

    The best of cities, the worst of cities by Mario Ballesteros

  • Viewpoint

    This Neurotic Tradition

    The hardware and the software of the city by Michel Rojkind

  • Essay

    Refashioning the Narrative

    Emerging architecture and design practice by Mimi Zeiger

  • Photo Booth

    In the Photo Booth with...

    Luby Springall and Julio Gaeta, curators of the Mexican Pavilion in Venice


28 May 2014

Magazine No. 22

  • Essay


    Czechoslovakia's 1970s plan to build a tunnel to the sea

  • Case Study

    Tropical Island

    A Big Brandenburg Oasis

  • Interview

    Holding Back the Waves

    Climate engineer Matthias Schuler achieves active solutions through passive measures

  • Case Study

    Stream Lines

    Repurposed Dutch water defenses


09 May 2014

Magazine No. 21

  • Essay

    The Hear and Now

    Jonathan Bell in conversation with Yasuhisa Toyota of Nagata Acoustics

  • Essay

    Aural Prosthesis

    Lev Bratishenko on Arup’s Soundlab and the rise of virtual acoustics

  • Found

    David Byrne

    "Playing the Building"

  • Interview

    His Master’s Voice

    Interview with Edgar Wisniewski, Hans Scharoun's "silent" partner


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