»Intelligence starts with improvisation.«

Yona Friedman

Mission statement

Welcome to uncube, the award-winning digital magazine for architecture and beyond.

Founded in 2012 and based in Berlin, Germany, uncube was an English-language platform that published 43 themed, digital, monthly magazine issues in a format that combined the virtues of print with the convenience of the digital. In parallel, uncube had an ongoing blog section addressing current topics as well as a weekly newsletter and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

uncube’s approach was like no other architecture magazine. Our self-imposed mandate was to address topics that go beyond the conventional context of architecture discourse with quality, integrity, clarity, a critical eye and a clear independent voice. Reporting beyond the headlines, uncube was not afraid of addressing difficult issues, questioning conventional strategies, seeking out new perspectives and putting them in context. This is what our ever increasing band of loyal readers from all over the world loved about us and respected us for.

uncube proved again and again that it had the zeitgeist by the tail and developed a following in the media industry as a result. Our issues covered subjects ranging from robotics, outer space, acoustics and bioarchitecture or new forms of communities and expo architecture via materials such as bricks to monographs including Frei Otto, Zaha Hadid and Charles Correa.

Almost 100 percent of  uncube editorial content was specifically commissioned. One of the reasons uncube was loved so much was for our independence and our integrity: no copy-pasted press releases, no hidden advertorial, no paid content, no consumer aspirational editorial. 

uncube had a groundbreaking design and format that made it stand out against the constant humming of online news feeds. It offered a space to breathe and to read online both in depth and in comfort.

uncube’s software was designed in Berlin. It took two years to develop and continually evolved as the magazine evolved. The design won numerous awards, including Lead Awards Digital Magazine of the Year and was runner up in the Webby Awards Web Magazine of the Year (pipped only to the post by Wired.com)

uncube’s format means that it reads “like print, but without the paper”. Each and every issue was designed “by hand” using a specially developed content management system.  It looks best on a big screen but its responsive format means it can also be read comfortably on a tablet or smartphone.


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